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Scheduling of Substances for Prescribing by Authorised Prescribers (MCC: 2.37, Apr 2014)

Document is intended to provide applicants with information and guidance on the criteria and policies for evaluating applications for an amendment to the schedule.

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Scheduling of Medicines (MCC: 2.36, Jun 2014)

This guideline provides applicant information for applicants on the scheduling of medicine submitted for registration. It includes a description of each of the 8 schedules and general guidelines for categorisation and for application scheduling of medicines.

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Scheduling Matters: Proposal to reschedule Diclofenac (MCC: 9.69, Oct 2015)

MCC resolution on rescheduling of diclofenac due to potential significant and life-threatening cardiovascular adverse effects September 2016. To confirm that you have the latest version of this document, please visit:

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News Commentary: Of particular relevance to community and hospital pharmacies. Oral preparations containing specified strains of probiotics (Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus) and which make claims beyond the allowed S0 claim have been called up for registration as from the 12th October. …

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Scheduling matters: Rescheduling Ephedrine, Ephedra Alkaloids and Phenylpropanolamine (MCC: 9.73, Sept 2015)

MCC resolution on rescheduling ephedrine, ephedra alkaloids and phenylpropanolamine due to safety concerns. For more information, go to Please note that this is a third-party website. Juta has no control over the nature, content or availability of third-party websites,…

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News Commentary: Amended schedules to the Medicines Act have been published. These schedules have been updated into the online Juta Pharmapedia

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CMs; CAMs; Complementary medicines

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