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Guideline for Completion of Annual Returns Form (MCC: 5.03, Jun 2003)

Manufacturers are required to submit annual returns for narcotic and psychotropic substances, scheduled III preparations and uncontrolled substances. These guidelines pertain to the submission.

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Guidelines for the Destruction of Schedule 6 Medicines and Substances (MCC: 5.06, May 2003)

This document provides recommendations to applicants wishing to destroy any schedule 6 medicines and or substances.

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Scheduling matters: Rescheduling Ephedrine, Ephedra Alkaloids and Phenylpropanolamine (MCC: 9.73, Sept 2015)

MCC resolution on rescheduling ephedrine, ephedra alkaloids and phenylpropanolamine due to safety concerns. For more information, go to Please note that this is a third-party website. Juta has no control over the nature, content or availability of third-party websites,…

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