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Efficacy of Veterinary Biologicals (V 1, MCC: 3.06, Jan 2004)

This guideline provides information to applicants wishing to submit data as evidence of efficacy for veterinary biological medicines

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Complementary Medicines – Health Supplements Safety and Efficacy (MCC: 7.04, Jun 2016)

This guideline provides information required for the application for registration of health supplements. The guideline provides details on compliance with GMP, GLP and good agricultural and collection practices. It also provides the format for the presentation of administrative information, common…

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Complementary Medicine – Discipline-Specific Safety and Efficacy (MCC: 7.01, Jun 2016)

This guideline provides information for applicants wishing to submit applications for the registration of complimentary medicines. It includes information on the format of submission, technical details on the types of substances and preparations, naming of substances and ingredients, multicomponent formulations…

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