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Wholesalers to export medicinal products (V1.1, MCC, May 2016)

Wholesalers to export medicinal products

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Guidelines for a Licence to Manufacture, Import Export or Distribute Medical Devices and IVDs (MCC: 16.03, July 2016)

Recommendations or licensing requirements for the manufacture, importation, distribution and exportation of Class B, Class C and Class D medical devices. Please note that this is a third-party website. Juta has no control over the nature, content or availability of third-party…

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Licence Application to Wholesale Medical Devices and IVDs (MCC Circular: 6.26, Dec 2017)

Detailed requirements for the application of the licence application for wholesalers of medical devices and IVD’s

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Wholesalers to Export Medicines (MCC: 4.10, Feb 2015)

Guidelines for the application for a license for Wholesalers wishing to export medicinal products. Circular 4.10

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Medicines and Related Substances Act 101 of 1965, Draft Regulations GG 40577, 27 January 2017

Draft regulations to the Medicines Act have been published for a comment period of 3 months. Commentary is due by the 26th April 2017. The draft regulations include the complementary medicines regulations. Medical device-specific regulations (finalised) are published…

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