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About Juta's Pharmapedia

Juta's Pharmapedia is an online research solution bringing together a complex array of policy, legislation, regulations and guideline documentation, with authored explanatory text, required to achieve regulatory compliance. This comprehensive single-reference resource of medicine, medical device/IVD and pharmacy regulation will empower the practitioner to make sense of medicines regulation and pharmacy practice

How does it work?

Juta's Pharmapedia spans all aspects of the control of registration, manufacture or distribution of medicines medical devices and scheduled substances.

Authored 'Praxis Notes' addressing licensing, registration, importing and exporting, prescribing and dispensing, promotion, advertising and the sale, generic substitution, recall or destruction of health products, manufacturing and wholesaling, and pharmacy best practices. The 'Proaxis Nots' gather together industry guidelines to clarify the implementation of legislation and compliance requirements.

These guidelines are collaged and cross-referenced und subject headings, processes and themes for ease of use

Who will benefit from Juta's Pharmapedia

  • Professionals rendering services involved with medicines, medical devices, in-vitro diagnostic products and scheduled substances
  • Human and veterinary health professionals
  • Pharmacists and dispensers
  • Pharmaceutical and medical device industries
  • Pharmaceutical regulators
  • Health Care Institutions
  • Academics and students
  • Government agencies regulating these products and persons
  • Legal Experts practising in the area of law
  • Organisations wishing to establish and manage health facilities


Val Beaumont - B Pharm (Rhodes) M.Pharm Industrial Pharmacy (Pretoria) - is an industrial pharmacist and certified competency assessor. She is the Executive Director of the Marketing Code Authority and consults to the health sector on strategic, regulatory policy, ethics and technical matters related to medicines. Her contribution to the profession of pharmacy has been acknowledged through the award of Fellowship of the Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa

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