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From The Managing Editor

Welcome to Pharmapedia, a tool to provide efficient access to the statutes, guidelines and policy documents that inform the highly regulated environment of health professionals and health products.

The aim of Juta’s Pharmapedia

As a minimum we intend to satisfy the requirements of the Pharmacy Council for pharmacists to have access to the legislation, yet it has so much more. I think of it as a fundamental shift from compulsory texts to a valuable tool to take you straight to what you are looking for. Over 40 years of professional practice in community pharmacy, industrial pharmacy, pharmacy education, membership of Pharmacy Council and contributor to the pharmacy professional organisations has informed the complex indexing and search frameworks. Juta & Co's comprehensive law data base and publishing capacity has made it all possible.

Have we missed something?

A work such as this cannot however be perfect first off. If the goal to have included all relevant legislation for the health product or pharmacy practitioner in a relevant and efficient search framework, has not been met, please tell us. We need to know if we have omitted relevant legislation or if there is an index term that would add value. Please click on the button below and send your feedback.

The MCC, Pharmacy Council and HPCSA Guidelines

We acknowledge the cooperation we have had in making critical information from statutory bodies more accessible. However, some documents such as the MCC guidelines are not sourced from Juta’s constantly updated legislation database and may have been superceded by more recent versions. We advise that you check the relevant source to confirm that a more recent version has not been published. This is important particularly where critical investment or management decisions are to be taken.

We trust that the value we have added to the complex statutory environment, will add value to your business.