About Juta's Pharmapedia

What is the Pharmapedia?

Juta’s Pharmapedia is a new concept in regulatory compliance publishing. It provides access to a complete regulatory toolkit for medicines regulation and pharmacy. Unpacking the toolkit, you will find Praxis notes that demystify the confusing layers of legislation and policy, a complete legal database and everything cross referenced and indexed in a practical, user friendly way. Juta’s Pharmapedia will empower the academic, scientist, practitioner, regulator and lawyer to make sense of medicines regulation and pharmacy practice.

Who would benefit from the Pharmapedia?

Juta’s Pharmapedia is for those whose work or services involve medicines, medical devices, in-vitro diagnostic products and scheduled substances. It is relevant to pharmacists and human and veterinary health professionals, the pharmaceutical industry, regulators and health care institutions. It makes compliance with the complex array of policy, legislation, regulations and guidelines easy to achieve and will facilitate a keen understanding of the do’s and don’ts of the sector.

Juta’s Pharmapedia will provide value to pharmacists and dispensers, the pharmaceutical and medical device industries and to academics and their students. It is a valuable reference for government agencies regulating these products and persons, legal experts practising in this area of law and organisations wishing to establish and manage health facilities making medicines available.

What will the Pharmapedia do for you?

The Pharmapedia gathers together all the guidelines that you need from the law, from the Pharmacy Council, the HPCSA and the Medicines Control Council and others, and collates and cross-references the information under subject headings, processes and themes for ease of use.

How does it work?

The Pharmapedia covers all aspects of the control of registration, manufacture or distribution of medicines, medical devices and scheduled substances. Praxis notes address importing and exporting, prescribing and dispensing, promotion and advertising, and the sale, generic substitution, recall or destruction of medicines, as well as manufacturing and wholesaling, and pharmacy best practices. A broad range of Praxis notes subjects bring together Medicines Control Council, HPCSA and Pharmacy Council guidelines to clarify the implementation of legislation and compliance requirements.

This detailed indexing and attention to cross referencing of related issues in the Medicines Act and Pharmacy Act as well as other legislation important to health professionals, takes this product from a compulsory text book to an empowering toolkit.

The legal content is drawn from the comprehensive Juta Law database of South African statutes. It is supplemented with health and industrial policy documentation to create a reference work that serves as a single, major reference source.

Juta’s Pharmapedia Praxis notes and indexed database will:

  • Guide you through the setting up and management of a pharmaceutical service or medicines dispensary
  • Bring to your fingertips a comprehensive keyword search function to enable you to explore quickly the legislation, guidelines and policy documents that define the world of medicine and medical device compliance, including;
  • Research, ethics and clinical trial requirements
  • Scheduling, classification and special access to scheduled medicines by authorised prescribers and PCDT pharmacists
  • Licensing of manufacturers, wholesalers, importers and exporters, pharmacies and parallel importation,
  • Medicines and medical device/IVD registration, manufacturing and compliance requirements
  • Complementary medicines registration
  • Complaints, medicines recalls, pharmacovigilance and reporting adverse drug reactions
  • Medicines pricing
  • Promotion and advertising of medicine
  • Ready access to GMP and GWP guidelines
  • Easy access to the Good Pharmacy Practice requirements as required by the law
  • The responsible pharmacist and human resource requirements in appointing, delegating functions and accountability in terms of the legislation
  • Services that may be provided in pharmacies and fee structures
  • Pharmacy education and continuing professional development (CPD) requirements
  • And much more
  • Links to related documents and websites further enhance the usefulness of Juta’s Pharmapedia.

Academic qualifications

Val Beaumont – B Pharm (Rhodes) M. Pharm Industrial Pharmacy (Pretoria) – is an industrial pharmacist and a certified competency assessor. She consults to the health sector on strategic, regulatory, policy, ethics and technical matters related to medicines.

Early laboratory and pharmacy work

Her association with the pharmaceutical industry began at Wellcome Laboratories in 1976 as a pharmacist in the substantial production facility at the time. Here she gained experience at senior management level in regulatory affairs, quality assurance, clinical research, technical advisory and marketing support roles at both Welcome and at Roussel Laboratories. In 1995 she was owner manager for a year of a community pharmacy – Beaumont Pharmacy.

Development of regulatory training programme

In 1988, Val left direct employment with the industry to develop and implement the first national medicines regulatory training programme in South Africa for both the industry and the national regulator. This developed into a fully-fledged training organisation Technipharm, and eventually to Health Science Academy (Pty) Ltd, a private accredited training provider in the health sector.

Involvement in academia

At different times, she has also had part time academic posts at two SA universities (University of Pretoria and Wits University) where she established Master’s Degree programmes for industrial pharmacy. Val is currently studying towards an MSc Med at Wits University medical school’s Steve Biko Ethics Unit specialising in Bioethics and Health Law.

Leadership in the industry

Val has served 10 years on the statutory South African Pharmacy Council, a number of years on the statutory Chemical Sector Education and Training Authority. She has held multiple leadership positions within Pharmaceutical Society bodies including as President of the Association of Pharmacists in Industry and Chairperson of the S. Gauteng branch of the Society. Her contribution to the profession of pharmacy has been acknowledged through the award of Fellowship of the Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa and she currently chairs the Fellows Committee of the society.

About Juta and Company (Pty) Limited

Juta and Company (Pty) Ltd is the oldest publishing house in South Africa and, remarkably, remains true to its founder's intent to service education and legal information requirements. Consequently, for more than 160 years Juta has been associated with quality Law, Education, Academic and Professional publishing in southern Africa. Drawing on our heritage of authority and excellence, Juta has remained relevant by embracing technological innovation and diversifying beyond publishing to offer e-learning and technology-driven information solutions.

Kagiso Media Limited (KML) in May 2012 acquired 100% of Juta shareholding. This transaction places this iconic South African heritage brand within the ambit of a black owned media company with an appetite for investing in growth initiatives which bodes well for Juta’s continued growth into the future.

Juta Law, a division in Juta, has been publishing an unrivalled range of iconic authored  commentary works, law reports, legislation and journals, which are indispensable  to the practice of law and the effective functioning of government and business. Our preeminent list of Juta authors and contributors are drawn from the senior ranks of the judiciary, academia, private practice and the corporate sector. Supporting the efforts of our authors, the committed team of Law publishers and editorial staff provide the requisite publishing skills and expertise that culminate in works bearing the distinctive Juta hallmarks of authority, accuracy and trustworthiness.

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